Marketing & advertisement (online and offline)
We cooperate with a full-service advertising agency. Together, we develop and implement effective marketing solutions based on the customer's input data and goals.

The agency employs experts in Internet promotion, retail segment design, installations, 3D visualizations, event and other marketing initiatives. Working with various marketing areas, the agency has developed and implemented a number of unique tools for interacting with both offline and online audiences.

You can order creating corporate identity and creative concepts, advertising campaigns of any scale, PR-brand promotion, video production, social networking, production of promotional materials, design and production of elements for the retail segment and the event industry, and much more.

We cooperate with the industrial technopark, where all our design solutions are implemented. Throughout the entire production process, our team is involved in every stage: from the idea to the implementation. A special department consisting of workers and designers is ready to advise you on the materials of manufacture and design solutions for the technical implementation of your project. We accompany our customers at every stage: from the idea and 3D visualizations, to the installation of the finished product in order to obtain the highest quality and exciting results.
Areas of services provided within the framework of cooperation:
  • SEO
  • Contextual advertising
  • Promotion in social networks (targeted advertising)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Working with opinion leaders
  • Video Production
  • Website and application development
  • Corporate identity and brand development
  • Сoncept development for the design of shop windows and interior space (in store & retail design)
  • 3d visualization
  • Art objects, installations, photo zones
  • Integrated event branding
  • Preparing files for printing, design drawings
  • Design-support throughout the production process before installation
    Building a step-by-step project plan that will lead to the achievement of goals
    Increasing sales and brand awareness of a product or service
    Implementing the most daring, bright and extraordinary ideas
    Planning brand development in various digital channels, using competitive analysis and demand dynamics