Construction & development consulting
The number of developers increases every year, there are a lot of new innovative technologies, lots of new materials and equipment that allow you to reduce time and improve the quality of projects being implemented.

Our key task is to develop the best strategy for your construction business to grow. It is achieved by conducting full-scale studies of the socio-economic and market situation in order to determine the most promising niches for the implementation of real estate projects.

Consulting in the field of construction is a service, the composition of which is always unique. A common feature for all such projects is a deep immersion and a high degree of integration into the business of our customers.

We are a strategic partner of a number of development companies. The interaction covers a whole range of issues related to the implementation of construction projects: research and analysis, concept development, architectural support, a promotion strategy etc. Our analysts are involved in building the strategy for the further development of our clients ' companies, assessing the prospects for the development of real estate markets in the largest Russian cities.
Services we provide within the framework of construction consulting:
  • Research and analysis (for example, land plot audit)
  • Architecture and design (master plan development etc.)
  • Marketing and consulting (financial modeling of the project and the sales process organization)
    The main goal of our work is to optimize all business processes in order to get as much profit as possible from the particular project. Attracting consulting assistance is a strategic decision that allows you not only to get structured information about the real estate market, but also to use many years of experience in practical and analytical work and significantly reduce future costs.