Investment, legal & economic consulting
The financial success of the project largely depends on the mutual understanding between the participants, as well as on the quality of project support, the main criteria of which are transparency and shared access to information, clear legal conditions, efficiency of interaction, economic calculations suitable for making operational decisions.

We assist in organizaing correct legal interaction between participants in the investment process, the preparation of related documentation and the coordination of the project at the implementation stage.

Services in the field of investment consulting allow you to choose the most appropriate investment mechanism to achieve the most important goals of your business. We provide prompt assistance in solving issues that arise at any stage of the project, ensuring the maximum degree of investment security and effective choice of the best investment object.

We can represent the interests of the project initiator, the investor, and also act as an independent expert, being involved in work at any stage of the investment project: from the idea to the ready-made set of project documentation. Accordingly, we offer both – gathering a complete set of project documentation from scratch and adapting a current documents package to the requirements of a particular investor.
We provide the following types of services (but are not limited to this list):
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies, taking into account the requirements of specific investors
  • Examination of property rights taken including the investment agreement
  • Legal examination the investment agreement proposed by a potential business partner
  • Analysis of investment objects
  • Support of an investment transactions
  • Support of the investment project at the implementation stage
  • Support services for the participant who leaves the project
    In our work, we do not limit ourselves to narrow-profile services, but approach issues comprehensively in all aspects of their activities. Taking into account our vast experience, we offer services in the most popular and relevant areas. That is why along with legal services, we also provide economic consulting services.

    Economic consulting allows you to solve such problems as:
    • inefficiency of the company management, issues with personnel management, organizing other staff workflow;
    • dealing with optimizing general business management;
    • research of available sales channels of manufactured products, prospects for increasing the number of potential buyers, etc.;
    • struggling with finding financial resources for business development, including advices and recommendations on obtaining certain credit resources.
    Economic consulting services is particularly usefull in the following cases:
    • When planning global business changes
    • When planning your business expansion
    • In order to address current business economic issues
    • If there is a serious problem or a difficult (sometimes critical) economic situation in your business
      We also provide a range of services for conducting bankruptcy proceedings and rehabilitation of both legal entities and entrepreneurs. Previously, there were no obstacles to independently conduct the bankruptcy procedure – citizens filed an application on their own and participated in the hearing themselves. Now it is impossible to conduct the bankruptcy procedure without a lawyer. Since October 1, 2019, new amendments tell that only individuals with a higher law education have the right to represent the parties interests in arbitration and civil proceedings. Before the beginning of the meeting, the representative must present the relevant diploma to be reviewed by the court.

      In addition to the standard services listed below, we also support businesses and entrepreneurs who have already gone through bankruptcy proceedings. We are well aware of how difficult the procedure is for the participants, and how difficult it can be to return to business after that.
      We provide the following services in the field of bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals:
      • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings of a legal entity at the debtor request
      • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings of a legal entity at the creditor request
      • Inclusion in the register of creditors ' claims
      • Appeal against the actions of the arbitration manager
      • Full support of the bankruptcy procedure of a legal entity
      • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings for
      • Conducting the individuals bankruptcy cases