"For Spatial Development"
Our movement "For Spatial Development" was founded in 1998.

The main idea was to create a non-governmental structure, which activities will be aimed at public goals: support for domestic enterprises and solving social problems, improving the regulatory framework and law enforcement practices, breaking down interdepartmental and administrative barriers, and developing market-based economic mechanisms.

Our movement supports organizations and entrepreneurs in solving such problems as: registration and protection of property rights, bringing documents into compliance with legal requirements, legal support, documentsexamination, representation of interests in court and state bodies. To solve such problems, a legal department has been established, it works with experts from state institutions and a number of law firms.

The organization assists enterprises in attracting investment, for which a database of investment projects has been created. The movement together with its specialists helps in drawing up feasibility studies and additional forms according to the standards of potential investors, connects with investors and assists in negotiations, provides legal support for investments and selects optimal preferential tax schemes. We also promote the development of international cooperation in the field of investment.

The movement cooperates with a number of scientific and educational institutions concerning research and development (R & D) and the creation of scientific and technical developments. We also support the area of information technology and automation of the activities involved in market regulation.

The movement also conducts a series of events to provide information support to enterprises and organizations, promote their products and projects on the market (PR events). Support includes gathering information events, contacts with media representatives, preparation and promotion of materials in print and broadcast. The work is aimed at the maximum development of domestic production, protection of the interests of strategic investors, while maintaining a balance of public interests and the interests of private companies, with the priority of state interests. The work includes information support for those public figures whose interests lie in the sphere of protecting the interests of the state and raising domestic economy.

Any business, small, medium or large, needs legal support, which will help to avoid the difficulties in the laws of the Russian Federation. It is important to fully know all the components of your business. To be a lawyer, an accountant, a manager, a financier, and God knows what else, so that the company can work productively. But what if you don't have some of the necessary skills? Or is your hired staff not up to the task? For this purpose, we opened our non-profit organization.
Interregional social movement is an establishment of support and assistance to your business. Wherever you are experiencing difficulties, we will help you.